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Bryon Every via Facebook

Bryon Every via Facebook

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Just want to share info about my GBU130 pellet furnace. Last year from start of season to finish we averaged 1.5 bags a day for our 2000sq ft. This year, so far we are at 1.2 bags a day. For $60. I had built, a hopper extension to sit on top, this allows me to put about 10 days of pellets in. This is important if you want to go away. This is as good of heat as any wood burner will give, without any mess. This unit keeps the temperature precisely where you set it. It does not very, even one degree, unless the weather outside is warm, then the pilot light will heat the house. When I figured out where to set the blower fan for air, the stove runs flawless.

The only downside I’ve had was created by me. If you pay attention to the stove and do a weekly pot clean and don’t let the pipes build with ash, there is no downside. We bought 2 of these last fall, love them so much, this year I bought another for my 2000 sq ft shop. So clean, so affordable and efficient it’s hard to not brag about. I do not work for Pinnacle or Traeger, I just want to share a good product, something that’s hard to find these days in the market place. Thanks for reading.

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