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“Just want to share info about my GBU130 pellet furnace. Last year from start of season to finish we averaged 1.5 bags a day for our 2000sq ft. This year, so far we are at 1.2 bags a day. For $60. I had built, a hopper extension to sit on top, this allows me to put about 10 days of pellets in. This is important if you want to go away. This is as good of heat as any wood burner will give, without any mess. This unit keeps the temperature precisely where you set it. It does not very, even one degree, unless the weather outside is warm, then the pilot light will heat the house. When I figured out where to set the blower fan for air, the stove runs flawless. The only downside I’v had was created by me. If you pay attention to the stove and do a weekly pot clean and don’t let the pipes build with ash, there is no downside. We bought 2 of these last fall, love them so much, this year I bought another for my 2000 sq ft shop. So clean, so affordable and efficient it’s hard to not brag about. I do not work for Pinnacle or Traeger, I just want to share a good product, something that’s hard to find these days in the market place. Thanks for reading.”
Bryon Every via Facebook
“Bruce in Tech support is awesome. He returned my call really fast and helped me figure out how to fix my stove. And wouldn’t hang up until I totally understood. Thanks Bruce.”

Jenny Reeder Kerr via Facebook


” We have two pellet appliances! A pellet insert stove in the family room and a GBU 130 for the rest of the home. I like to use them because they are safe, clean and it”s affordable for our large home. Picking up our pellet supply is easy and it stores nicely too.”

Anne G., Sudbury, Ontario


“We operate one of the first GBU 400″s and it has withstood the test of time at a very aggressive 24 hours/365 days use. Any parts that have worn have been replaced with parts that have improved through continued R&D at the factory. The GBU 400 and the GBU 130 have helped our business greatly advance and has saved tens of thousands of dollars in fuels costs for us.”

James J., Owner, N-R-G Pet Products, Armstrong, British Columbia


“”serviceability of the furnaces. The application suited our plant operation as it is the only heavy industrial furnace available on the market.”

Eric S., Member of LLC and Manager, Bear Fruit LLC, Omak, Washington


” Our oil prices had risen so high, it was far too expensive to use. We looked into pellet appliances and now have an affordable furnace to run that puts out a heat warmer than we had from oil. We are saving hundreds of dollars a season now.”

Kim & Lisa A., Manchester, New Hampshire


“We were tired of hauling firewood, the mess, the dust and the time it took. Our pellet boiler gives us the same heat as our wood boiler did, but the work is far less involved. It”s really easy to clean and service for us too.”

Bill & Evelyn S., Casper, Wyoming


“We wanted to make an environmental decision and get away from relying on fossil fuels and the rising costs to heat our home so we changed to pellet heat. Pellets are plentiful and clean, affordable and the ash works great as a soil additive.”

Darlene & Cameron J., Waterbury, Connecticut


“We bought a GBU 070 furnace for my parents when they were finding the rising expense of gas was too much for their limited income. They like the idea of having heat that is just like wood and find it far more comfortable in their home. We have since put a pellet stove in our home so we can enjoy the heat as well.”

Patrick & Diane Y., Grandview, Washington


“I purchased the PB 150 boiler for the comfort of in-floor heat and to heat my hot tub. It heats my floors incredibly well, and has saved me on electricity for my hot tub. It”s the only way to go if you have a large home and want warmth.”

Peter U., Laval, Quebec


” The heat is incredibly just like a wood stove. It”s so pleasant not to worry about topping it up every 6-8 hours like wood. We just check it every 15- 20 hours, and adding pellets is so quick and easy.”

Arthur & Beverly D., Delaware, Ohio


“I knew I had to change something because the gas prices were rising too fast for my income to keep up. My pellet stove saves me money and I love to watch the natural flame. And my dog loves it too!!”

Brian D., Courtenay, British Columbia


Four years ago we replaced our ageing furnace with a GBU 130 so we could burn corn from our area. It burns hotter, is clean and is affordable to operate. We also like that we are supporting our local farmers and not having to rely in the fluctuations in oil and gas prices.”

Martin & Elizabeth K., Council Bluffs, Iowa


“In the two winters since we replaced our wood furnace with our new pellet furnace we loved immediately how clean it was! And the maintenance is simple.”

David & Susan V., Ft. St. John, British Columbia