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Free Shipping on The Baker’s Oven

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For a limited time we are offering free shipping to Western Canada as well as Oregon and Washington state on any purchase of the Baker’s Oven.

From Australia’s leading maker of slow combustion heaters, the Bakers Oven is a heater, classic wood oven and cooktop combined.

The Baker’s Oven combines the romance of bygone era with functional cooking. Cook in the bottom part of this unique oven while the fire burns in the top section.

Click here to find out more or to purchase.

*This offer is not on any longer. Call or check back for new promotions.

Blaze King Wood Stoves Now in Stock

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We are excited to announce that we are now carrying the Blaze King line of wood stoves. They focus on producing very efficient, eco-friendly stoves. Find out more information about the line on their website, or come on in and see them in person. We can’t wait to show them to you!

Two Ships Passing in the Night

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We came across this editorial and would like your views and comments!

By John Crouch | October 31, 2011

Extra Mile

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  We received this amazing recommendation in our local paper, so we thought we would share it with you.

I am retyping it here in case you cannot read the picture.



We bought a pellet furnace from Pinnacle Stove Sales in Quesnel a number of years ago. We had some operational issues and contacted the business owner, Bruce Brigden a number of times.

He always answered our questions, gave us helpful advice, replacement parts as needed, personally serviced out furnace and even a new unit.

We finally decided to upgrade to a larger and more sophisticated furnace. Bruce was under no obligation to help us after this long time period but he made us a very fair exchange that we could not turn down. We are delighted with our new furnace and especially pleased with the customer service with a smile that Bruce and Pinnacle Stove Sales always gave us. We can honestly say that this is one business that went the extra mile to make us happy.

F. Wilson

Bridge Lake


End of Season Pellet Appliance Maintenance

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The heating season is nearing an end, and it’s time to put our stoves to bed for the summer. A few items should be taken care of to ensure your stove fires up the first time you need it this fall. Most people leave their stoves until fall when they need them again. In my estimation, that is a mistake.

It is very important to empty your stove of all pellets from the hopper. They can attract moisture, swell up, and jam the auger so take time to run your stove out of fuel and vacuum up any fines left over. The ash residue can also attract moisture and may have corrosive qualities –particularly from burning corn, that  could rust and deteriorate the stove’s internal components, and shorten the working life of your stove.

As you are probably aware, cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to pellet stoves. A full 80% of all our service calls require no parts – only a thorough cleaning of the stove and vent. Most owners’ manuals have a detailed list for cleaning your stove correctly. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, your local dealer should be happy to do so. Often dealers have off-season cleaning specials to take advantage of. Along with better rates, the service technician isn’t pushed, can be even more thorough, and has the time to explain any operational questions you may have about your unit. He or she could also know of any fuel discounts for next heating season…again, off-season savings!

Once you have thoroughly swept out and vacuumed your furnace, lubricated the blower fan, and shut it down for the season you then need to sweep the chimney and inspect it. Don’t forget to make sure you have a screen or mesh on it, as birds, bats, and other furry friends will make a home and plug it up, thus making start up impossible in the fall. If you decide to do the work yourself, then right-click to download a copy of our Pellet Stove Annual Service Checklist here to help you make sure you don’t miss anything. If you are more interested in having someone do the work for you, then click here for a detailed list of our off-season specials

Now it’s time to turn my attention to a nice pork tenderloin slow-cooked on hickory pellets on my favourite pellet barbeque – a “Traegar”.

Coming soon!

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Hi and welcome to our newly-redesigned website and blog. We are working hard at getting all of our products online and ecommerce-enabled. We have a huge selection of parts, manuals, and accessories for pellet stoves and appliances. In the meantime, if you are looking for a specific part or manual please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to help you out. Call toll free 1(866) 967-9777.

We are excited about starting our blog as well. Comment below with ideas on what topics you would like us to write about. New advancements in pellet appliances? How best to maintain your pellet appliance? The benefits of a green lifestyle? Recipes to try on your pellet barbeque?


The Top Nine Reasons to Use Pellets to Heat your Home

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Are you looking for an economical, environmentally-friendly way to heat your home? Have you been considering using pellets? Here is a list of our top nine reasons why you should consider installing a pellet appliance in your home.

1) Pellet Stoves are Eco-Friendly

Pellet stoves are very clean burning. One non EPA wood stove has as many emissions as forty pellet stoves. Pellet fuel uses residual forest and saw milling residue that was traditionally burned or land-filled. Pellets are designated carbon neutral because the release of the carbon through decomposition on the forest floor is equal to the carbon released when burned. There are no NOX gases released when wood fuel is burned unlike fossil fuels (fossil gas).

2) Pellet Appliances are Safer

Pellet appliances operate at lower stack temperatures because of their higher efficiency. Thus, the clearances to combustibles are reduced and they can be closer to walls, furniture etc. They also have a range of safety features that will not allow them to operate when they are too hot, or when good chimney draft is not present. Commonly the units will not feed pellets when hopper lids are opened or the fire-door is not secured. Now some manufacturers are even using removable handles so children can’t open the doors.

3) Pellets are Cheaper than Other Fuel

Solid fuel (whether pellets or wood) is generally the least expensive heat source for space heating. While there are always exceptions depending on your geographic location, by and large that is the case. One of the major benefits is you are in more control of your purchase pattern and all those little extra charges. Delivery fees, tank rentals, carbon taxes, distribution, fuel surcharges, and the like are gone. You generally have the biggest cost advantage over the most portable fuels. You can choose to buy in the off season often at reduced prices or as you need it.

4) Pellets are Easier to Put in Stoves than Wood

Pellets are cleaner to handle than wood which is a plus when your appliance is located in your main living area. It is easier to control the heat output of a pellet stove as many are thermostat-controlled or have many heat level settings. They also respond faster to input instructions because they are burning a smaller quantity of fuel at any given time. They give considerably longer burn times between fills, and can be left unattended for periods while busy families are at work or school. They develop less ash because the combustion of the fuel is so complete. This makes cleanup easier and less frequent.

5) Pellet Stoves Provide Natural Warmth and Comfort

There is nothing that beats wood heat for comfort. Constant dry heat from both wood or pellet is hard to match with any other heat source. Shouldn’t we all strive to use a renewable source for our heating needs, and leave the other fuels for uses where they can’t be replaced? The technology for burning solid fuel just keeps improving, and the EPA is moving toward higher benchmarks on all appliances to clear the air further. This will raise efficiency again.

6) Wood Pellets are Widely Available in the Market

Wood pellets can be found almost everywhere: hearth shops, lumber yards, big box stores, and even home delivery in some regions. One ton of pellets only takes up 3.5x4x4ft. high of space and just needs to be out of the elements (not unlike the proper treatment of firewood). There is the same heat value in a ton of pellets as a cord and a half of bone dry hardwood, but the pellet appliance is around 85% efficient vs. about 60% for a wood stove

7) Pellet Stoves are Cleaner Which Provides a Better Standard of Living

Due to its design, there should never be smoke escaping from your pellet stove . Bugs, bark, and dust are greatly reduced, leading to better indoor air quality. Less time spent tending the fire.

8) Pellet Appliances Don’t Release any Harmful Gasses

Greenhouse gas carbon equivalents per quad of heat delivered are approx 1/3 of fuel oil, and less than half of natural gas. Sulfurs, chlorines, and nitrogen are virtually non-existent, so acid rain components are 5x higher with fuel oil and 15x higher with coal fired electricity for heat.

9) Burning Pellets Supports Local Economies

Burning pellets generally supports local economies because pellet plants are located closer to their markets. Renewable and sustainable fuel sources are often located within a few hundred miles of its customers.