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Extra Mile

By on Oct 23, 2011 in Blog |

  We received this amazing recommendation in our local paper, so we thought we would share it with you.

I am retyping it here in case you cannot read the picture.



We bought a pellet furnace from Pinnacle Stove Sales in Quesnel a number of years ago. We had some operational issues and contacted the business owner, Bruce Brigden a number of times.

He always answered our questions, gave us helpful advice, replacement parts as needed, personally serviced out furnace and even a new unit.

We finally decided to upgrade to a larger and more sophisticated furnace. Bruce was under no obligation to help us after this long time period but he made us a very fair exchange that we could not turn down. We are delighted with our new furnace and especially pleased with the customer service with a smile that Bruce and Pinnacle Stove Sales always gave us. We can honestly say that this is one business that went the extra mile to make us happy.

F. Wilson

Bridge Lake