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Keeping Warm by Winter Proofing Your Patio

By on Jan 20, 2013 in Blog |

When we think of the patio, we often think of the long days of summer, the BBQ and the idea of deckchairs, sunshine and heat comes to our mind. However, a patio can also be used during the colder months of winter –  meaning you don’t have to retreat inside when the cold comes. Here’s how to winterize your patio.

Turn Up the Heat

Of course, the most obvious problem with the patio in the winter months is the cold and so having outdoor heating is vital. Fortunately, there are a number of options available ensuring you can enjoy your patio in the depths of the winter.

Gas patio heaters are increasingly common and increasingly affordable, as are the likes of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and also chimneas. These are just some of the choices at hand to create a cozy feel outdoors. One of the biggest benefits of the patio heater above all others is that they can be moved, look aesthetically attractive and can be positioned where they are required most.

Electric heaters are also a good option and run odour free and silently. They can be fixed or stand alone. They have also gotten significantly more efficient in recent years and don’t emit fumes.

Patio Blinds

These are seldom seen but an excellent addition to those that want to be sheltered from the rain and chilly winds during the winter. The patio blind allows for the area to be used comfortably and are easily rolled up and down, and can even be automated if possible. These shelter you from the impending rain and also in addition to gas patio heaters can make a very comfortable outdoor area with many of the benefits of the indoors. They are also fantastic for blocking wind and chills from the area.

These patio blinds come in a range of fabrics and can be purchased in clear and tinted PVC, making them ideal for days there is a glare too. They are also available in tough material like fabrics, if you wish to give your patio a different feel. These can complement some of the other heating options wonderfully.

A Little Splash of Colour

The winter is a drab time and that’s why adding a little bit of colour can make all the difference to the patio area. Depending on where you live, there are whole arrays of options that can be added to brighten up the area for winter. From colourful patio plant pots, to rugs made from numerous materials; the patio area can be greatly brightened up with a few pieces of colour here and there. This can really lift your mood and turn the patio into the perfect outdoor retreat for those cooler days.

Winter plants also can add to the area and the likes of heather, cabbages and others can be attractive during the winter – making for an appealing natural spectacle. Ask at your local garden centre to see what they thing fits in with the climate.

Winterizing your patio area is a great idea and gives you a warm and cozy outdoor retreat when the rest of the neighbourhood is stuck between the four walls.

Cormac Reynolds writes for UK company Patio Heater Hire and loves his patio all year round.