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A Clean Stove is a Happy Stove

A Clean Stove is a Happy Stove

By on Aug 21, 2014 in Blog |

The heating season is just around the corner. It’s always best to have your stove and chimney cleaned and serviced before you need it. There is nothing more frustrating than on that first cool evening or morning of the season when your stove won’t start or run properly.

Over the summer season animals or especially birds could have built a home in the chimney. Many times we have responded to calls where house filled with smoke because of a nest or dead duck, or bats had decided to set up residence in the chimney and blocked the airflow.

Your stove should be completely disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.

Check all the gaskets to be sure they seal correctly and are in good condition.

When your stove is dirty and a bit plugged up the efficiency drops, and as little as a 59% drop could pay for the cost of a professional cleaning. Less pellets or wood being burned is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

The owners manual should have information and be a good place to start for cleaning instructions, or call your professional.

We often get calls that stoves are overfeeding and the pellets are piling up. Stoves barely if ever overfeed, but “undercombust” from a lack of air due to dirty conditions in the stove or chimney.

Just like going on a summer road trip in your vehicle make sure your stove is in good working order before you set out for the heating season

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