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We are your best source for alternative heating and renewable home heating solutions.  Homeowners today are attempting more and more to reduce the environmental footprint they leave on the planet through their energy use.  At Pinnacle we make that feat easier than ever before.  Take comfort that our ASTM/UL certified biomass heating solutions can seriously decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

Pinnacle carries solution for both your home and your business.  Our Commercial Chip and Pellet boilers not only will lead to your business becoming more environmentally friendly, but will save money in the long run for your company’s energy costs.  Less overhead means larger profits, a great side effect of using carbon neutral heating options.

Pinnacle offers one of the most diverse ranges of pellet stoves in all of B.C.  Our Wood cook stoves and wood pellet furnace boilers will reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy.  Our new Eco-Fit line of carbon neutral heating energy systems is a great way for your home or business to begin weaning itself off of more traditional fossil fuel sources.

Pinnacle is also proud to present its line of automated boiler systems.  These Heating Systems allow you to set your thermostat to adjust automatically for different parts of the day.  It is a great tool for maintaining energy costs for home and business.  Get the most out of all the energy you pay for with these automated boiler systems for your home or office.

For your best source for top hydronic heating systems contact Pinnacle Stove Sales.  Our heating systems are environmentally friendly and can be installed quickly.   Please contact us today to go over how we can help stabilize your energy costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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