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Pellet Stove Care 101: Maintenance Matters

By on Feb 14, 2013 in Blog |

Pellet stoves save energy and money – and they are highly durable, with most stoves lasting for many years; however, regular maintenance is essential to keep them working efficiently. In this article, I’ll dissect pellet stoves, explaining the specific areas that owners need to clean and attend to, adding priceless tips on how to keep a pellet stove...

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The Top Nine Reasons to Use Pellets to Heat your Home

By on Mar 19, 2011 in Blog |

Are you looking for an economical, environmentally-friendly way to heat your home? Have you been considering using pellets? Here is a list of our top nine reasons why you should consider installing a pellet appliance in your home. 1) Pellet Stoves are Eco-Friendly Pellet stoves are very clean burning. One non EPA wood stove has as many emissions as forty pellet...

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