Traeger Pellet Furnace and Boiler Manufacturers

Industrial Solutions

We currently manufacture thermostatically controlled forced air furnaces that can heat up to 12000 square feet of space (or more depending on insulation values). The largest of these units, the GBU400 can also burn other organic materials; such as, nut shells, cherry pits, pellets, shelled corn, and a variety of granular materials.

The 400 is used in a wide range of applications for heating, but is also used for dehydrating because of the large amounts of cost-effective dry heat generated by this large unit. Dried fruits and high-end pet food are just a couple of examples of the products being dried currently.

We also manufacture a low-pressure hot water boiler capable of heating up to 4000 square feet and more. These units have been used in tandem or tripled with good results for larger requirements; firing them in series as demand dictates.

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