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Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions

            The 21st Century has seen a dramatic change in central heating systems – from the days that stoves and furnaces were manual, labor intensive systems that used wood or coal, to the systems of today that merely require the turn of a dial.

Today, nearly all central heating systems are dependent upon electricity, natural or propane gas or oil as a fuel source.  The convenience of these modern heating systems has not come without their price tags and certain realities.

Dependence on non-renewable energy resources over the past 30 years has taught us that:

  • The supply of oil and gas IS limited and NON-RENEWABLE!
  • Electricity, oil and gas costs will INCREASE as supplies decrease!
  • If we remain dependant on these sources of energy, we will definitely face an ENERGY CRISIS.
  • Get off the grid and use a locally produced energy source…either pellets or corn.


Through the addition of insulation, quality windows and doors, and the adjustment of our temperature comfort level, we have taken about the only steps we can to conserve fuel and fuel costs…

Wood furnaces have proven to be a money saver, yet they require hard work and typically are not very efficient.  Wood furnaces also emit a large amount of smoke or unburned gases which are harmful to our environment.  In the early 1980s, the Traeger furnace was developed to offer a central heating system that would meet the coming clean air standards and would perform effectively and efficiently without the negative of a typical wood furnace.

Pellet heating technology has become a very major force in the alternate energy industry.  With new pellet mills popping up all over the U.S. and Canada the supply of pellet fuel is readily available.  This technology is NOT a flash in the pan!  Pellet appliances and fuel are here to stay!  In fact over 750,000 units are in use in North America today!

Burning shelled corn is also very energy efficient.  Corn can produce from 9,000 to 10,000 BTU per pound.  That’s 560,000 BTU per bushel.  What could be more renewable than corn!!!


Our mightiest furnace is 400,000 BTU

forced air and will burn most any biomass!

Safety First

The safe installation and operation of our products is very important to Traeger.  All instructions provided to the customer must be carefully followed.


Traeger furnaces and boilers are easily installed.  To ensure optimum performance and safe operation, follow the detailed information provided with each furnace.  These are good products, but they cannot make up for poor installations or poor maintenance.