Traeger Pellet Furnace and Boiler Manufacturers

Bio-Energy Choices

Most of us want to do what’s right for the environment. We’re more informed than ever, and want to make wise lifestyle choices. While we’ve had choices in energy efficient automobiles, now we can turn our attention to where we live, work and play.

Pinnacle Stove Sales introduces “Eco-fit” patented, environmentally friendly heating systems. Eco-fit heating solutions are calculated for residential and industrial uses. Eco-fit bio-energy fuel designs can help you meet your personal and corporate objectives to decrease dependence on non-renewable energy and fuels.

Today, the “Eco-fit” line of products run on several sources of renewable and biomass fuels.

Biomass sources are compressed into pellets by a mechanized process. These pellets can be made from wood shavings, various organics grasses, recycled paper, nut shells, cardboard, corn stalks.

Pinnacle has been involved in bio-energy research & development for over a decade, manufacturing residential and commercial pellet furnaces under the Traeger name across North America and abroad. Designed to meet air quality standards, these pellet fired furnaces performed effectively and efficiently without the negatives of a typical wood furnace; in fact the emissions are so low they are EPA exempt. With Pinnacle’s ongoing research & development, these heating units have evolved into this year’s Eco-fit systems of furnaces and boilers, providing the efficient appliances manufactured today.